How to Play Chess for Newbie

How to Play Chess for Newbie

How to Play Chess for Newbie – Want to start to play chess? You need to know how to play it first. However, chess seems complicated to understand so many newbies feel difficult in learning about chess. Well, welcome to how to play chess 101, where you can get to know about this brain game more.
• Know What Placed Where
There are 16 pieces for each player which are black and white. One player will get one colour, then you should arrange the pieces on the board. To make it easy to memorize, you can start with the rooks (the one that looks like a fortress), there are two of them and should be placed on the corner. Then, put the Knights (the horses) next to the rooks and then the bishops. In file e, there will be a queen and then the king. After that, you can put your pawns across the rank in front of those pieces. You can start the game now.

• Know the Moves
Every kind of pieces in a chess game has a different way of move and you should memorize them in order to play the game properly. The easiest one is the pawn which can only move forward. For the first step, you can move your pawn up to two squares, but after that, you can only move it one square. The pawn can capture the opponent’s piece by moving it diagonally.

Rooks are rather free. They can be moved any squares, both side-to-side or up-down. The knights only can move in L-shape. Whatever the combination will be, as long as it is in L-shape then the knights can move. Bishops can move any number of squares but only in a diagonal shape. The king only can move one square at one time but to any direction. The queen is the most powerful piece since it can be moved in any directions and in any number of squares. Every chess movement is different , and there several tips and trick for new player to learn of basic for chess gameplay.

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