Female Warrior Of Chess

Female Warrior Of Chess

Female Warrior Of Chess – Although chess is basically a game for everyone, once there was an opinion that detest women to touch the checkered board. Long time ago, chess is commonly dominated by male players. Slowly but steadily, female players prove that they could be as magnificent as male players. Some of them are very well known in the world.
– Xie Jun From China
If there is one country that reign almost everything for years, it would be no other than China. Since chess was introduced to the region, many professional players showed up. One of the most notable one is Xie Jun. She was the first women from China to claim International Master title.

Xie Jun kept her seat for six years, from 1991 to 1996. Susan Polgar defeated her, but she got her back in 1999. Once again, she won after Polgar refused the conditions for winner. Xie Jun gave up her throne in 2001.

– Vera Menchik From UK
Her name might not be familiar for new chess players, but she definitely a legend. During the first chess champion in 1927, she won first place. Starting that day, no one could beat her in any match until her death in 1944. At that time, the calculation system was not regulated yet. However, she proved her legacy of chess by almost beating several great male players.

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– Maia Chiburdanizde From Georgia
What could a fifteen years old do? Many would say cooking or gardening, but Maia had different answer. At that age, she won her first USSR Girl Championship. She then proceed to beat current national winner, Nona Gaprindashvili.

Don’t underestimate female chess players. They are as clever as male players, particularly those who have won international master title and kept it for years. Some names even claimed their victory again after being defeated. Thumbs up for all the female international chess masters!

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