Getting to Know Indonesian Chess Grandmaster

Getting to Know Indonesian Chess Grandmaster

Getting to Know Indonesian Chess Grandmaster – Grandmaster is the highest rank of the player in a chess game, just like a black belt in Karate. However, the grandmasters are considered as a smart person, since chess is a brain sports game, the master or the expert should be smart and good as strategy maker. Indonesia also has several well-known grandmasters in chess.
• Utut Adianto
He is the most well-known Indonesian grandmaster and has the highest rank among the other Indonesian grandmaster in international rank. He became a grandmaster at such a young age when he was 21 years old. He also became grandmaster super in 1995-199 with ELO rate more than 2600.

Having such great talent, he still wanted to share it by opening Utut Adianto Chess School in 1993. From that school, he already succeeded in making some great, national chess players; one of them is the famous Susanto Megaranto.

• Susanto Megaranto
Susanto Megaranto is the youngest Indonesian grandmaster. He became the grandmaster when he was 17 years old and in this term, he could surpass his teacher, Utut Adianto. In 2015 he won Asian University Chess Championship which was held for the first time in Beijing. Not only that, his talent made him a winner in Indonesia Chess Championship four times in a row, from 2006 to 2010. Recently he played in Sharjah Masters in March 2019, one of many prestige chess championships. This chess championship held by for gathering all master chess to compete.

• Cerdas Bagus
There is another great grandmaster in Indonesia, Cerdas Bagus. He is a famous grandmaster since he was deaf but still can have that grandmaster title. He began playing chess in an international event as the member of Medan team in Hongkong in 1983. Then, he played in Chess Olympic in Greek, a year after. He got his first grandmaster title in Bali Jeff-RCA Jakarta in 1997. He is nominated as one of the top five chess players in Indonesia, according to Fide ranking.

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