Effective Strategies for Playing Chess

Effective Strategies for Playing Chess

Playing chess is a good for your brain since it is a good brain sport. Moreover, a study conducted in Venezuela showed that 3.000 students rises the IQ scores after they play chess for four months. You can get many winnings if you play chess with strategies.

Below, agen will discuss the most effective strategies for playing chess.

  • Seize the Center from Opening to the Endgame
    Similar with football, the one who can control the center have big chance to get victory at hand. It occurs because the center have much easy access to the whole board. If you have strong influence in the center, your opponent’s will not have much space to develop the game.

If you have ever watched the world grand master chess, you will see how the masters try to seize the center of the game. It happens started from the beginning of the game or the first move. By giving pressure on the center, the master give his hand to lift the medal.

  • Analyse Your Losses
    You may play game or chess for several moments. Of course, you can get losses and wins for several times. Instead analysing the loss, most novice players merely focus on analysing the wins. In chess, it is more efficient to experience bad things than being told 10.000 times. If the players experience that. There is a big chance that they will avoid it in the future.
  • Keep Your King safe
    Whether you are novice chess players or experience chess players, saving the king is the main goal of playing chess. One of movements is to avoid doing the wrong movement in your king position. Once you do it, correct it quickly.

You have a chance to be the chess grand master if you do the effective strategies above. Apply and practice the strategies above.

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