Chess Pieces and Playing Rules In Chess You Need to Know

Chess is a game that is classified as one of the branches of sports involving strenuous activity. This is because while playing this game requires a brain. In addition, this chess game also requires concentration because you need to using a strategy and must be related to some standard rules in the game of chess. Then, what are the rules in the game of chess?

Rules in Chess
Chess has been recognized as one of the official world sports since 2000 by the IOC.
Previously, chess was only considered a game. After that confession, the Olympics chess specialty is held regularly, i.e. once every two years. The uniqueness and complexity in chess continues to grow along with developments era and technology. Even so, there are some standard rules in the game chess. This regulation has been established by the Federation International Des Eches as follows, that is :

  1. The first rule
    The first rule in this game of chess must be done with sportsmanship. Not it is permissible for a player to distract his opponent during the game take place. Chess must be based on a very strong philosophy in which every player must have an athlete spirit and always be guided by the motto of Chess Gen’s Una Sumus which means we are one family.
  2. Second rule
    The second rule in the game of chess is to walk with the game step alternately. Players on white pieces will be given the opportunity to can go first. After that, the black pawn player. So on. After that, the pawn what has been touched must also be executed unless the pawn is indeed impossible run.
  3. Third rule
    The player’s move is declared complete when the player releases the pawn from his hold.
  4. Fourth rule
    Pawns that are held and touched belonging to the opponent must be eaten, unless they are not allow. After that, players are given the freedom to eat the pawns that are pushed two steps and parallel to the opponent’s pawn. After that, the final piom must be replaced, It’s up to the player in question.
  5. The fifth rule
    In other situations it is when in check where the player is given freedom to say or not. So the player doesn’t have to check, the Pawn is declared dead if the opponent surrenders, the opponent’s king dies or the thinking time is up
  6. The sixth rule
    Chess game progresses with 40 moves in 90 minutes and earns additional 30 minutes to complete.
  7. The seventh rule
    It is declared a draw or draw if the game is in eternal check three times simultaneously consecutive.
  8. The eighth rule
    This rule is related to castration. In the game of chess, there are two ways of casting, namely long and short casts. Rocade is a special move in the game chess involving a king and a rook of the same color.
    Steps in Chess Pieces
    A set of chess pieces consists of 16 pieces, namely pawns, rooks, horses, elephants, queens and kings. Pawn become the most basic piece in the game of chess. Each player has eight pieces pawn. On the first move, the pawn can move a lot or two. After that, the pawn can only run on one box. Pawns can only eat other parts that are inside one square diagonally. Pawns can only move forward. The fort has a shape like a palace. It moves in both horizontal and vertical directions as far as possible. All opponents in its path can be eaten. While the horse is shaped like horse head. This piece runs by forming the letter L which consists of two horizontal squares and one vertical box. The horse can only eat the nisa in the box he occupies. Elephant pieces are shaped like hats that move vertically. This piece can move as far possible. In addition, there is a queen piece. This piece has a crown and moves freely. Type the last piece is the king. The king is a pawn that players must guard either way, if the king is eaten by the opponent then the player is declared defeated.

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