Basic Techniques of Chess Game for Beginners

Basic Techniques of Chess Game for Beginners

Chess is one of the most popular types of games. In Indonesia country
There have been many chess competition events. Not only that, Indonesia has also
create various best chess players who have awards that are quite prestigious in Indonesia
national and international scope

Basically, the game of chess is a game that can be used to
hone thinking skills. In this game you will be required to be able to arrange
various mature strategies to defeat the enemy through the pawn troops in the field
flat black and white box. Therefore, several techniques are needed so that you can
play chess very well, namely:

  1. The technique of opening the game
    There are several techniques you can use to unlock a game of chess. This can be you
    use depending on the theory used. Because there are so many,
    This collection of chess opening moves is written in the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings. Wrong
    one important thing in it is the opening of the chess game with chess pieces
    the white one must move first. There are several names of opening techniques
    others, for example, the technique of birds, elephants, kings and others.
  2. Basic techniques determine the first move of the game
    The first step in the game of chess is a white chess piece. Then,
    how to determine which game can get chess pieces or
    black? This is usually determined by discussing it with both players. If not
    If an agreement occurs, it can be done by drawing a lottery to determine it.
    When it is determined, the player holding the chess pieces can step on the pieces
    first. After that, the first step can be done by white chess pieces.
    Each player can only do one step followed by the players
    alternately. In each step it is only allowed to move tau
    times only chess pieces.
  3. The technique of chess pieces
    Basically every chess piece in this chess game is very different. If not
    knowing this, you will surely lose. Pawn horse, elephant or pawn, rook, king
    and ministers have different moves in the game of chess. So therefore,
    You need to know how to move in order to always be successful in the game of chess.
    Pawns move forward. However, the pawn cannot eat the opponent with
    step aside. Things you need to know to be able to beat the
    enemy. The first step, the pawn moves two squares forward. After that,
    Pawns can only move one by one in the forward direction only. Pawns can too
    eat the opponent by stepping diagonally forward only (not backwards).
    The fort stepped at a distance at will. You can move it towards
    anywhere except the diagonal direction. The number of traversable tiles is also free. It
    why, the fortress in the game of chess has a function as a protector
    self defense. The two forts are expected to cooperate with each other.
    Horses move two squares in one direction by adding one
    The square again forms a 90-degree position in the first move. In the end, horse
    will form a step resembling the letter L.
    Elephants can move freely in a diagonal direction. This means elephant
    has the possibility of being in one color and so on.
    Ministers can also move freely in all directions without exception., Only
    only one thing to note where the minister can not pass the chess pieces
    his own team.
    The king is a very weak chess piece. Can only move to
    all directions as much as one square. When moving in the opponent’s square, then the king
    be in check position

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