All-time Brilliant Chess Players of the World

All-time Brilliant Chess Players of the World

Chess is a difficult sport that requires great strategies and focuses. It is not easy to learn and play chess, let alone earning the world champion title. This opinion is easily broken down by these brilliant chess players as they have won the battle to become the world champions.

Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen has gained more popularity since he wins different chess tournaments and championship in his younger age. Although he is still 29, he proves that he can be the world top champion along with other prominent players. He also gains the title as a chess grandmaster which is the highest title of a chess player. Back in 2014, he writes a new record in Elo ranking. He gains the record of 2882 and his career becomes better. Recently, he wins against Fabiano Caruana during 2018 World Chess Championship. However, he still has a long way to go and he needs to work hard to defend his champion title.

Garry Kasparov

Another brilliant chess player who has written the best record in his peak ranking is Garry Kasparov for 2851. Similar to Carlsen, Kasparov also begins his career at a young age. Although he was only 22, he successfully defeated the former champion, Anatoly Karpov, in the World Chess Championship 1984. His career becomes better and he is appointed as one of the greatest chess players in the world. However, he faced a downturn since he cut the ties with FIDE and began to start an organization called Professional Chess Association. He was stripped down from the FIDE ranking and he faced a big loss when playing against Vladimir Kramnik in 2000 and it leads him to retire in 2005.

Viswanathan Anand

If you watch every match of Carlsen, you will recognize the name Viswanathan Anand right away. He was playing against Carlsen in several championships and tournament. Surprisingly, this former Word Chess Champion loses big time to Carlsen. Aside from it, you cannot forget all his previous records. Anand is one of the chess grandmasters and the first Asian to win the FIDE World Chess Championship several times. He also holds one of the highest FIDE records of 2800.

Beside those world champions, there are other prominent players in the chess field. It is quite difficult to rank each player, but you need to see their records, dominations, and longevity. Aside from those aspects, you can clearly see how amazing they are in the tournaments and championships. For those of you amateur or professional, if you are interested in participating in online chess, you can visit the site to try to join and play in online chess competitions.

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