The Brief History of Chess as a Game

The Brief History of Chess as a Game

Chess is an old game which already existed since centuries ago. This game is classified as the board game since the player will play the game of the piece of board. Most people say that chess is a strategy game which needs deeper thought to win the game. Chess is played by two people. There are some chess pieces that the players need to move to win the game. Actually when the first chess is played? And how is the history of chess from the early beginning until the present?

The Early Years
The first record of chess was known originally derived from Eastern India in the Gupta Empire in the 6th century. It was then known with the name of chaturanga. These four elements in chaturanga which represent the power of the military. They are infantry, elephants, and cavalry. As time goes by, the chaturanga spread and the latest evidence of the existence of chess was found on near the Sassanid Persia. In there, the game is known with chatrang. Later on, Persia was conquered by Muslim and the name of game change into shatranj. Chess also has another name in some different areas in Europe, such as in Spanish, it was known as the ajedrez, in Portuguese as the xadrez and later on it known in the English word as the check or chess.

The Modern Era
In 1200, the rule of the game started to modify as it is spread into Europe. The changes were made around 1475 and it lasts until nowadays. The modern and new rules in playing chess has been adopted by other countries to play its pawns and other chess pieces. The new rules spread within any minuted into the other part of Europe. In the 15th century, the theory about how to play chess started to be written. As a result, some of the writing about chess was born in that century. Luis Ramirez de Lucena, a Spanish wrote a book with the title repetition of Love and the Art of Playing Chess which was published in 1497. Some masters of chess are born and developed some strategies to analyze and win the endgames.

Chess is a challenging sport and game that make people get addictive playing it. It needs deeper thought and good strategy to play chess. The History of Chess begun in the 6th century under the power of the Gupta Empire in Eastern India, as time goes by it spread over the world and came to Europe in the 12th century. In the 15th century, some of Europe masters developed some strategies and analyzed the game to win this endgame.

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