4 Important Points About Chess

Recently, chess has suddenly become a game favored by Indonesians. The proof is that the sales of this game on the market have increased drastically. Nothing but the euphoria of the chess drama that occurred in Indonesia. Mr. Dadang Subur or better known as the Fan God, took the virtual world by storm by defeating a world-class chess master at Chees.com. This drama reached its peak when Master Dedy Corbuzier also highlighted this phenomenon through a podcast on his YouTube channel. He held a live chess match between Mr. Dadang Subur (Dewa Kipas) vs Grand Master Catur Irene Sukandar. Even though in the end the Fan God was defeated with a score of 3-0, it did not make the Indonesian public curious about this chess game itself. So that you no longer feel curious about this game, here are the facts you need to know about the game of chess.

  1. History of Chess

Chess is believed to have first appeared in the 7th century in northern India, as Chaturanga. This game is also believed to be the ancestor of similar strategy games that emerged in various other countries, such as xiangqi (Chinese chess), shogi (Japanese chess), and janggi (Korean chess). Meanwhile, chess began to enter Europe around the 9th century, where the Umayyad conquest of Hispania occurred. The chess pieces we know today took their form in the late 15th century in Spain and only had rules that had been standardized in the 19th century.

  1. Kinds of Chess Pieces

The game of chess is played by two people who compete with each other and each player has 16 pieces with the composition of one King (King), one Queen (Queen), two Ministers (Bishop), two horses (Knight), two rooks (Rook), eight warrior (pawn). Each of these types has different attack movements.
• King: moves in all directions from front-back, right-left, diagonally-vertically, and black-and-white. But unfortunately the king can only move one step.
• Queen: moves in all directions without any step restrictions, provided there are no other pieces blocking his steps.
• Minister: moves diagonally with free strides, but only in one type of square color, black or white.
• Rook: moves horizontally and vertically at a free pace, as long as nothing gets in the way.
• Horse: moves in the letter L, which means two straight square steps followed by one tile right or left. This piece has the advantage over other pieces, which is that it can jump over the pieces in front of it.
• Pawns: can only move forward and move diagonally if eating opponent’s pawns. The unique thing about this pawn is that when a pawn has reached the area of ​​the opponent’s last tile, it can be exchanged for pieces that have been eaten by the opponent.

  1. Chess as a Thinker Branch

Have you ever wondered why chess can be categorized as a sport? Of course the answer is that this game has met the requirements as a form of strategic thinking sport. Chess games can be categorized as slot online games that require thinking power to understand number patterns and strategies to look for opportunities. Because in chess, athletes are required to be physically and mentally ready to run every match. By relying on the ability to think, this game tests every strategy that is always changing when the opponent’s movements do not match what is expected.

Have you understood the facts about the game of chess? So after this you can apply it in live chess matches and show your greatest strategy.

Playing Chess is not Difficult, Tips for Newbie

Playing Chess is not Difficult
Known as a high-class sport, chess is played by almost in every part of the world and of course, attracts more and more new players. When people watch a chess match, this sports seems difficult to be understood, well it is not that difficult. Here are some tips for newbie before starting to play chess. • Tell Yourself that You Can Play the Game As you may be aware, this chess game has been around for such a long time and also known as scholar’s “brain sport” since to play chess requires skill and strategy. However, this game actually can be played by everyone, including you. Just tell yourself that you can play the game. What you have to do is just learn how to play it and keep practicing. • Learn the Basic You should learn and also memorize the game first. You need to know how to move the chess pieces and when they should be moved. You should know the names of pieces such as the pawn, rook (castle tower), knight (horse), bishop, queen, and king. The pawn is the most basic chess piece and you have eight of them. The pawn only can move forward and capture the opponent that is in diagonally-front space. The famous knight is well known for the L move and can jump over other pieces. The bishop only moves diagonally but an unlimited amount of space. The queen can move vertically, horizontally, or diagonally in unlimited space and can capture from any directions. The king can only move to one space in each turn to any direction. The basic thing in chess is that you cannot lose the king. So you need to protect the king with all pieces you have while attacking and trying to capture your opponent’s king. See, now you can start to play chess. Remember that practice makes perfect, so don’t be hesitate to practice more and more although you lose. Have a nice chess play!