4 Important Points About Chess

Recently, chess has suddenly become a game favored by Indonesians. The proof is that the sales of this game on the market have increased drastically. Nothing but the euphoria of the chess drama that occurred in Indonesia. Mr. Dadang Subur or better known as the Fan God, took the virtual world by storm by defeating a world-class chess master at Chees.com. This drama reached its peak when Master Dedy Corbuzier also highlighted this phenomenon through a podcast on his YouTube channel. He held a live chess match between Mr. Dadang Subur (Dewa Kipas) vs Grand Master Catur Irene Sukandar. Even though in the end the Fan God was defeated with a score of 3-0, it did not make the Indonesian public curious about this chess game itself. So that you no longer feel curious about this game, here are the facts you need to know about the game of chess.

  1. History of Chess

Chess is believed to have first appeared in the 7th century in northern India, as Chaturanga. This game is also believed to be the ancestor of similar strategy games that emerged in various other countries, such as xiangqi (Chinese chess), shogi (Japanese chess), and janggi (Korean chess). Meanwhile, chess began to enter Europe around the 9th century, where the Umayyad conquest of Hispania occurred. The chess pieces we know today took their form in the late 15th century in Spain and only had rules that had been standardized in the 19th century.

  1. Kinds of Chess Pieces

The game of chess is played by two people who compete with each other and each player has 16 pieces with the composition of one King (King), one Queen (Queen), two Ministers (Bishop), two horses (Knight), two rooks (Rook), eight warrior (pawn). Each of these types has different attack movements.
• King: moves in all directions from front-back, right-left, diagonally-vertically, and black-and-white. But unfortunately the king can only move one step.
• Queen: moves in all directions without any step restrictions, provided there are no other pieces blocking his steps.
• Minister: moves diagonally with free strides, but only in one type of square color, black or white.
• Rook: moves horizontally and vertically at a free pace, as long as nothing gets in the way.
• Horse: moves in the letter L, which means two straight square steps followed by one tile right or left. This piece has the advantage over other pieces, which is that it can jump over the pieces in front of it.
• Pawns: can only move forward and move diagonally if eating opponent’s pawns. The unique thing about this pawn is that when a pawn has reached the area of ​​the opponent’s last tile, it can be exchanged for pieces that have been eaten by the opponent.

  1. Chess as a Thinker Branch

Have you ever wondered why chess can be categorized as a sport? Of course the answer is that this game has met the requirements as a form of strategic thinking sport. Chess games can be categorized as slot online games that require thinking power to understand number patterns and strategies to look for opportunities. Because in chess, athletes are required to be physically and mentally ready to run every match. By relying on the ability to think, this game tests every strategy that is always changing when the opponent’s movements do not match what is expected.

Have you understood the facts about the game of chess? So after this you can apply it in live chess matches and show your greatest strategy.

5 Easy Steps to Mastering Chess

Chess, a strategy game that is currently on the rise. No wonder because recently there has been a horrendous drama in cyberspace. Fights between the Fan God and Ghotamchess at an online game Chess.com. The climax of this incident was when Master Dedy Corbuzier held a friendly match between Dewa Kipas (Dadang Subur) vs GM Irene Sukandar which in the end was won by Irene with a score of 3-0. Apart from the drama, chess is now a trend in society and many people are starting to learn to play this game. Being a beginner in chess certainly requires tips and tricks in playing this strategy game. Here are 5 steps that you should learn as a beginner in chess.

  1. Understanding the Chess Board
    Chess games are played on a board that has a white and black grid. You need to know that before starting to compile chess pieces, the position of the chessboard must be correct, that is, the white square must be at the bottom right of each player. Then the pawns are arranged according to the existing rules, namely the second row is filled with 8 pawns, the rook is placed at the right and left corners of the first row, followed by horses, elephants, and queens which are located in the square according to the color of the pawns, finally the king occupies remaining plots.
  2. Recognize the Movement of Each Chess Piece
    Being a beginner in the game of chess, we need to understand every pawn movement we have. Understanding each piece’s role is key in strategizing this game. Here are the types of pawns and their movements.
    • King: moves in all directions from front-back, right-left, diagonally-vertically, and black-and-white. But unfortunately the king can only move one step.
    • Queen: moves in all directions without any step restrictions, provided there are no other pieces blocking his steps.
    • Minister: moves diagonally with free strides, but only in one type of square color, black or white.
    • Rook: moves horizontally and vertically at a free pace, as long as nothing gets in the way.
    • Horse: moves in the letter L, which means two straight square steps followed by one tile right or left. This piece has the advantage over other pieces, which is that it can jump over the pieces in front of it.
    • Pawns: can only move forward and move diagonally if eating opponent’s pawns. The unique thing about this pawn is that when a pawn has reached the area of ​​the opponent’s last tile, it can be exchanged for pieces that have been eaten by the opponent.
  3. Know which players are entitled to go first
    In chess, the player who has the right to step first is the player holding the white pawn. To determine it, it is usually done by drawing a lot. Players who hold white pawns actually benefit more because they are given the opportunity to attack first.
  4. Understand the Rules for How to Win Chess Games
    The game of chess is said to end when there is a checkmate, draws, surrender, and loses time. The purpose of this game is to checkmate the opponent’s king, if the king cannot get out of check, then the game is considered over.
  5. Understand the Basic Chess Strategy
    Given that chess is a strategy game that requires an intelligent way of thinking, you must also know the basic strategy of this game.
    • Protect the king
    • Don’t hand over chess pieces easily
    • Take control of the center of the board
    • Use all chess pieces

Getting to Know Indonesian Chess Grandmaster

Getting to Know Indonesian Chess Grandmaster

Getting to Know Indonesian Chess Grandmaster – Grandmaster is the highest rank of the player in a chess game, just like a black belt in Karate. However, the grandmasters are considered as a smart person, since chess is a brain sports game, the master or the expert should be smart and good as strategy maker. Indonesia also has several well-known grandmasters in chess.
• Utut Adianto
He is the most well-known Indonesian grandmaster and has the highest rank among the other Indonesian grandmaster in international rank. He became a grandmaster at such a young age when he was 21 years old. He also became grandmaster super in 1995-199 with ELO rate more than 2600.

Having such great talent, he still wanted to share it by opening Utut Adianto Chess School in 1993. From that school, he already succeeded in making some great, national chess players; one of them is the famous Susanto Megaranto.

• Susanto Megaranto
Susanto Megaranto is the youngest Indonesian grandmaster. He became the grandmaster when he was 17 years old and in this term, he could surpass his teacher, Utut Adianto. In 2015 he won Asian University Chess Championship which was held for the first time in Beijing. Not only that, his talent made him a winner in Indonesia Chess Championship four times in a row, from 2006 to 2010. Recently he played in Sharjah Masters in March 2019, one of many prestige chess championships. This chess championship held by https://multibet88.online for gathering all master chess to compete.

• Cerdas Bagus
There is another great grandmaster in Indonesia, Cerdas Bagus. He is a famous grandmaster since he was deaf but still can have that grandmaster title. He began playing chess in an international event as the member of Medan team in Hongkong in 1983. Then, he played in Chess Olympic in Greek, a year after. He got his first grandmaster title in Bali Jeff-RCA Jakarta in 1997. He is nominated as one of the top five chess players in Indonesia, according to Fide ranking.

How to Play Chess for Newbie

How to Play Chess for Newbie

How to Play Chess for Newbie – Want to start to play chess? You need to know how to play it first. However, chess seems complicated to understand so many newbies feel difficult in learning about chess. Well, welcome to how to play chess 101, where you can get to know about this brain game more.
• Know What Placed Where
There are 16 pieces for each player which are black and white. One player will get one colour, then you should arrange the pieces on the board. To make it easy to memorize, you can start with the rooks (the one that looks like a fortress), there are two of them and should be placed on the corner. Then, put the Knights (the horses) next to the rooks and then the bishops. In file e, there will be a queen and then the king. After that, you can put your pawns across the rank in front of those pieces. You can start the game now.

• Know the Moves
Every kind of pieces in a chess game has a different way of move and you should memorize them in order to play the game properly. The easiest one is the pawn which can only move forward. For the first step, you can move your pawn up to two squares, but after that, you can only move it one square. The pawn can capture the opponent’s piece by moving it diagonally.

Rooks are rather free. They can be moved any squares, both side-to-side or up-down. The knights only can move in L-shape. Whatever the combination will be, as long as it is in L-shape then the knights can move. Bishops can move any number of squares but only in a diagonal shape. The king only can move one square at one time but to any direction. The queen is the most powerful piece since it can be moved in any directions and in any number of squares. Every chess movement is different , and there several tips and trick for new player to learn of basic for chess gameplay.

Female Warrior Of Chess

Female Warrior Of Chess

Female Warrior Of Chess – Although chess is basically a game for everyone, once there was an opinion that detest women to touch the checkered board. Long time ago, chess is commonly dominated by male players. Slowly but steadily, female players prove that they could be as magnificent as male players. Some of them are very well known in the world.
– Xie Jun From China
If there is one country that reign almost everything for years, it would be no other than China. Since chess was introduced to the region, many professional players showed up. One of the most notable one is Xie Jun. She was the first women from China to claim International Master title.

Xie Jun kept her seat for six years, from 1991 to 1996. Susan Polgar defeated her, but she got her back in 1999. Once again, she won after Polgar refused the conditions for winner. Xie Jun gave up her throne in 2001.

– Vera Menchik From UK
Her name might not be familiar for new chess players, but she definitely a legend. During the first chess champion in 1927, she won first place. Starting that day, no one could beat her in any match until her death in 1944. At that time, the calculation system was not regulated yet. However, she proved her legacy of chess by almost beating several great male players.

Female Warrior Of Chess1

– Maia Chiburdanizde From Georgia
What could a fifteen years old do? Many would say cooking or gardening, but Maia had different answer. At that age, she won her first USSR Girl Championship. She then proceed to beat current national winner, Nona Gaprindashvili.

Don’t underestimate female chess players. They are as clever as male players, particularly those who have won international master title and kept it for years. Some names even claimed their victory again after being defeated. Thumbs up for all the female international chess masters!

All-time Brilliant Chess Players of the World

All-time Brilliant Chess Players of the World

Chess is a difficult sport that requires great strategies and focuses. It is not easy to learn and play chess, let alone earning the world champion title. This opinion is easily broken down by these brilliant chess players as they have won the battle to become the world champions.

Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen has gained more popularity since he wins different chess tournaments and championship in his younger age. Although he is still 29, he proves that he can be the world top champion along with other prominent players. He also gains the title as a chess grandmaster which is the highest title of a chess player. Back in 2014, he writes a new record in Elo ranking. He gains the record of 2882 and his career becomes better. Recently, he wins against Fabiano Caruana during 2018 World Chess Championship. However, he still has a long way to go and he needs to work hard to defend his champion title.

Garry Kasparov

Another brilliant chess player who has written the best record in his peak ranking is Garry Kasparov for 2851. Similar to Carlsen, Kasparov also begins his career at a young age. Although he was only 22, he successfully defeated the former champion, Anatoly Karpov, in the World Chess Championship 1984. His career becomes better and he is appointed as one of the greatest chess players in the world. However, he faced a downturn since he cut the ties with FIDE and began to start an organization called Professional Chess Association. He was stripped down from the FIDE ranking and he faced a big loss when playing against Vladimir Kramnik in 2000 and it leads him to retire in 2005.

Viswanathan Anand

If you watch every match of Carlsen, you will recognize the name Viswanathan Anand right away. He was playing against Carlsen in several championships and tournament. Surprisingly, this former Word Chess Champion loses big time to Carlsen. Aside from it, you cannot forget all his previous records. Anand is one of the chess grandmasters and the first Asian to win the FIDE World Chess Championship several times. He also holds one of the highest FIDE records of 2800.

Beside those world champions, there are other prominent players in the chess field. It is quite difficult to rank each player, but you need to see their records, dominations, and longevity. Aside from those aspects, you can clearly see how amazing they are in the tournaments and championships. For those of you amateur or professional, if you are interested in participating in online chess, you can visit the site to try to join and play in online chess competitions.

Chess Muse from Indonesia

chess games

There is one thing about chess anyone should have known: master title is not for one person only. In the other words, master title is a set of requirements that should be obtained by individuals. For this reason, it is possible for each country to have their own master, no exception for Indonesia.
Childhood Game

What do children play during 1990s? The most popular toys were marbles, cards, and even rope jumping. None of these games are interesting for Irene Sukandar. Since her early childhood, chess was her dream. At the age of seven, she joined her first chess class. Her hard work showed when her name showed as a winner on international championship at the age of nine.

Thankful for her supporting parents, young Irene trained ever harder. She gave up her childhood to chess. It was two years after her first winning. She registered as the youngest contestants for Asian Games. Sadly, she didn’t bring any medals home.
Amazing Achievements

Irene Sukandar went down hard path of training. When she was twelve, she challenged herself to another International championship, Calvia Olympiad. Facing several though opponents, she could only secure silver medal. Did she give up? Not at all. Her lost made her realize that she needed to try harder to be better.

Carving her chess skill, she finally won Woman Grand Master at the age of sixteen. For Irene, this is just the beginning. She steps further to claim International Master in 2013. Do you know the FIDE rating for her first tournament? It was 2010. This is impressive achievement, as the highest FIDE rating is 2851.
Story of a muse is never easy. She gave up her childhood to do what she loves. People might think it was easy path, but Irene said the opposite. Only when one focused on the goal, could she reach the destination. Do you want to follow her path?

Utut Adianto, Indonesian Legendary Chess Player

Utut Adianto, Indonesian Legendary Chess Player

Utut Adianto, Indonesian Legendary Chess Player – Among Indonesia Grandmasters, Utut Adianto is one of the best chess players that ever have by Indonesia. He succeeded in winning various chess competition internationally which make his name famous around the world. Many people get curious with who exactly is Utut Adianto and what achievements he gains so far?

1. The Brief Biography of Utut Adianto
Utut Adianto was born in Jakarta; 16 March 1965. He was born with the real name Utut Adianto Wahyuwidayat. He is the fourth child of five children. He knew chess from his brother at the age of six years old. On 1973 he joined the chess club named Kencana Chess Club in Jakarta. In the same year, he decided to compete in his first chess competition in Chess Competition DKI Jakarta and succeed to reach the 15th position among 45 participants. Starting from this point, he got an enthusiast and diligent in practicing his skill in chess. Utut learns chess not only by practicing but also by reading the chess book. His father, Ngatidjo Adiprabowo gave him a book with the title “My 60 Memorable Games” by Bobby Fisher. Little Utut studied various chess techniques and strategies from the books.

2. Utut Adianto’s Achievements
Utut Adianto shows his talents since he was 8 years old. In 1978, at the age of 12 years old, he won the Jakarta Junior Chess Championship. Later on, in 1979 he won the Junior National Chess Championship. At the age of 16 years old, Utut won the World Chess Championship in Puerto Rico and success be the second winner. In 1982 he also won the Indonesian National Chess Championship. He received his Indonesia Master title in 1985 and Grandmaster in 1986.

Utut Adianto

He became the youngest Grandmaster In Southeast Asia at that time. Utut Adianto followed the chess competition for about 715 times, both in Indonesia and abroad. His last FIDE rating was 2566 and later on, he joined in the politic world. Utut Adianto builds and founded a chess school in Jakarta with Machnan R. Kamaluddin, Ir. Eka Putra Wirya and Kristianus Liem. The school is known as Utut Adianto Chess School and has scored several national chess players in Indonesia. Several major Indonesian chess competitions are also sponsored by the gambling website which is also looking for new seeds for young chess players.

Utut Adianto is one of the famous Grandmaster which comes from Indonesia. His skill in chess is so amazing. He learned chess by reading the chess book and compete in various chess competitions. He received his Indonesia Master title in 1985 and Grandmaster in 1986. His hardworking and efforts have made Indonesia famous around the world.

The Basic Lesson of Chess

Basic Lesson of Chess

The Basic Lesson of Chess – Chess is an interesting sport which requires strategies and skill to play with. Chess can be played by people in all range of ages. This sport is a prestigious sport because there are many chess competition held annually both in national and international scales. For those of you who are interested in chess but don’t know where to start, you’d better learn the basic lesson of chess as the beginning.

– Understanding the Game and Chess Pieces
The first thing you need to know before playing any kind of sport is you need to understand the basic rules of the game. In chess, there is a rule used to play chess. You need to know the name of every chess pieces and how its move on the board, otherwise you can’t play well. There are names of each chess pieces that you should know. They are pawn, rook, knight, bishop, king, and queen.

Every time you want to play the game, you need to lie down the board game and each player will have light or white square on the bottom right side. The next thing to do is arranging the pawns and the other chess pieces into the correct orders. The first row will be filled with rooks in every corners right side and left side as well, followed by knights on both sides, then bishops, the queen and the last square will be the king. The second row is filled with the pawns.

– The Moves
Every chess pieces have their own moves on the board. This is important to know as the basic lesson on chess to play. The pawns are the basic piece in the chess game. There are 8 pawns on the chess. The pawns can move ahead and can’t move backward. It only can attack one square diagonally and not the others. The rook has a shape like a castle tower. It can attack any chess pieces on its track. It can move horizontally and vertically.

The knight can move in the form of L letter in any directions. The bishops can move in the vertical direction as far as possible. The queen can move into any direction. It can move horizontally, vertically and diagonally and attack from that direction. The king only can move into a square in any direction you want. It also can attack the same way its move. You can’t lose your king piece, otherwise, you will lose the game.

In order to play chess well, you have to know the basic lesson of chess. There are many terms used to call the chess pieces, such as pawn, rook, knight, bishop, king, and queen. Each of the pieces has its own moves and you need to learn every piece’s move to play the chess.

Why Is Chess Addictive?

Why Is Chess Addictive? – If you don’t play chess, then you won’t be able to relate to the following points. Those who prefer to have visuals and actions will have difficulties to find the fun. Chess is for those who enjoy silent battle, war of logic without any bloodshed. The following reasons might explain why chess newbie could spend days on their board.

– Training Better Logic
Even when you are not chess player, you must have heard that chess has several rules to move the pawn. Black and white boxes have their own pawns. These pawns even have status. Only on certain condition, they are allowed to attack pawns of higher status. Complicated? Yes, but only in the beginning.

As players move their pawns, they need to read opponent’s thought. It is almost as if he or she was going to be trapped. The only way to escape the trap is leading opponents to their lost. For this reason, one movement is so important.

– Pushing Better Strategy
Never compare chess to any games with physical action. First of all, these active movements usually requires similar opening act. In chess, players should work to find different ways to start their attack. If a player has repetitive move, opponents could always prepare trap after several moves. Well, no player wants this.

Second, active games usually train on more strength or speed. In chess, players compete to beat one another. Winning one tournament won’t be enough. Players would want to challenge more opponents, creating and inventing new strategy to be better.

Seeing someone who just start their chess lesson, you might wonder how they could sit the whole day and contemplating too long on next move. Well, charm of chess is only for players. Bystander won’t understand. Chess trains brain to predict opponent next move. Once players win, they won’t stop to find better strategies.

Chess Strategy Tips for Beginners

Chess Strategy Tips for Beginners

Chess Strategy Tips for Beginners – Without any doubt, chess is one of the best mind games that we ever have. It may looks boring when you play it by yourself or unofficially, but once it goes to the biggest stage, chess game is one of the best. One of the excitements of playing chess is its strategy. If you think you’re not good yet at chess, here are some strategy tips you can apply in playing chess.

– Control the center from opening to end
There are various online gambling games at such as chess games. Maybe being a beginner player will be difficult. For beginners in chess, having a real control in center area of the board is arguably the most important thing to learn. It becomes crucial to control the center area because you can pretty much have freedom to the whole board if you place them correctly in the center area. Quantity in the center area will likely give you quality.

That’s also one of the reasons why professional players apply this strategy. Since the strategy is so principle, we can find many professional players around the world will likely dominate and attack their opponents by adding pressure to the center. Adopting professional strategy is wise, just as how players adopt professional strategy.

– Develop all the pieces quickly
This is what it means by quantity gives you quality. Once you’ve placed your pieces in the center, you have to develop them as quick as possible. Don’t let them stay at the same spots for too long. Like an army, your pieces are the tools you can use to dominate your opponent, adding more and more pressure and eventually win the game.

Only placing pieces in the center without developing them can turn to be a crucial mistake. Your opponent will eventually turn the table and dominate you if you don’t develop them quickly. It also means that you can’t give more space for your opponent since they can take their chance anytime.

– Don’t play the same piece multiple times
Just like it’s stated at the first tip, controlling the game from opening is an important strategy. To apply this, you’ll need to avoid playing the same piece multiple times, especially at opening. It’s not a secret that beginners tend to play the same piece multiple times when they don’t really know what to do. Therefore, try to open the space instead rather than playing the same piece.

For beginners, it’s important to learn principle strategies since it will help you to create your character in playing chess. Once you’ve mastered the principle strategies, you’ll only need to practice more.

The Brief History of Chess as a Game

The Brief History of Chess as a Game

Chess is an old game which already existed since centuries ago. This game is classified as the board game since the player will play the game of the piece of board. Most people say that chess is a strategy game which needs deeper thought to win the game. Chess is played by two people. There are some chess pieces that the players need to move to win the game. Actually when the first chess is played? And how is the history of chess from the early beginning until the present?

The Early Years
The first record of chess was known originally derived from Eastern India in the Gupta Empire in the 6th century. It was then known with the name of chaturanga. These four elements in chaturanga which represent the power of the military. They are infantry, elephants, and cavalry. As time goes by, the chaturanga spread and the latest evidence of the existence of chess was found on near the Sassanid Persia. In there, the game is known with chatrang. Later on, Persia was conquered by Muslim and the name of game change into shatranj. Chess also has another name in some different areas in Europe, such as in Spanish, it was known as the ajedrez, in Portuguese as the xadrez and later on it known in the English word as the check or chess.

The Modern Era
In 1200, the rule of the game started to modify as it is spread into Europe. The changes were made around 1475 and it lasts until nowadays. The modern and new rules in playing chess has been adopted by other countries to play its pawns and other chess pieces. The new rules spread within any minuted into the other part of Europe. In the 15th century, the theory about how to play chess started to be written. As a result, some of the writing about chess was born in that century. Luis Ramirez de Lucena, a Spanish wrote a book with the title repetition of Love and the Art of Playing Chess which was published in 1497. Some masters of chess are born and developed some strategies to analyze and win the endgames.

Chess is a challenging sport and game that make people get addictive playing it. It needs deeper thought and good strategy to play chess. The History of Chess begun in the 6th century under the power of the Gupta Empire in Eastern India, as time goes by it spread over the world and came to Europe in the 12th century. In the 15th century, some of Europe masters developed some strategies and analyzed the game to win this endgame.

Improving the Skill in Playing Chess

Improving the Skill in Playing Chess

Chess is a popular sport. Many people are familiar with this game because this game often plays by older and adult anywhere and everywhere. There are many famous professional chess players win the competitions at their early ages. It is a prestigious sport and game that can be a great option for your future career. How does the best way of improving our Skill in playing chess to be a great chess player? In fact, there are some ways that you can do to improve your skill in chess. They are:

Joining the Chess School
If you have a great interest in chess, you need to know the basic and rule in playing chess, you also need to practice with the senior to make your skill improved. The easiest way to get appropriate theory and practice chess at the same time is by joining the chess school. There are many things that you can learn from chess school. You will teach by the professional teacher who knows well about chess. You can understand the basic of chess and ask whenever you need something to ask to. You also can improve your skill by learning with your peers or even seniors. It will give you a huge benefit in developing your skill.

Reading the Textbook and Chess Magazines
You also can learn new things and develop your strategies by reading chess books. There are many great textbooks discussing chess and its winning strategies. You can take advantage of those books to learn the good points to develop your skill and instinct to take the right move to conquer your opponents.

Every time you read the book, you can apply the knowledge by applying it through the game or competition with your friend or senior. Only then you can improve within no time. You also can take notes on what strategies that work and not for you and analyze the weakness of those strategies after you play the games. Those notes and comments will give you an advantage as the parameter to value your progress in playing chess.

Chess is said to be a social game because can make people with various backgrounds gathering together in order to play the game. Chess also can be played by kids and teenagers. There are many things that can be done to improve your skill in playing chess. You can join a professional chess school and learn a lot from the masters there. Another way will be learning from the textbook and magazines which discussed chess and its strategies.

Effective Strategies for Playing Chess

Effective Strategies for Playing Chess

Playing chess is a good for your brain since it is a good brain sport. Moreover, a study conducted in Venezuela showed that 3.000 students rises the IQ scores after they play chess for four months. You can get many winnings if you play chess with strategies.

Below, agen will discuss the most effective strategies for playing chess.

  • Seize the Center from Opening to the Endgame
    Similar with football, the one who can control the center have big chance to get victory at hand. It occurs because the center have much easy access to the whole board. If you have strong influence in the center, your opponent’s will not have much space to develop the game.

If you have ever watched the world grand master chess, you will see how the masters try to seize the center of the game. It happens started from the beginning of the game or the first move. By giving pressure on the center, the master give his hand to lift the medal.

  • Analyse Your Losses
    You may play game or chess for several moments. Of course, you can get losses and wins for several times. Instead analysing the loss, most novice players merely focus on analysing the wins. In chess, it is more efficient to experience bad things than being told 10.000 times. If the players experience that. There is a big chance that they will avoid it in the future.
  • Keep Your King safe
    Whether you are novice chess players or experience chess players, saving the king is the main goal of playing chess. One of movements is to avoid doing the wrong movement in your king position. Once you do it, correct it quickly.

You have a chance to be the chess grand master if you do the effective strategies above. Apply and practice the strategies above.

The Schedule of International Chess Tournament in March 2019

Spring Chess Classic

Chess is one of the oldest sports which existed for decades. The players need to learn the strategy and tricks to win this game. A lot of people love to play chess because it can be used to train the brain activity to think. There are many chess competitions around the world that held for every year. Make it a better place for young players to learn and develop their skills. Here are the schedules of the International chess competition that will be held in March 2019.

Spring Chess Classic
This chess competition will be held on 2 March up to 10 March 2019. It will take place in Saint Louis, USA. This is the International chess tournament which participated by the professional chess athletes around the world. This is the chess tournament with two 10 player round-robin format tournament. The prize is $36,000 in total. The top position of the tournament was won by Vassily Ivanchuk.

World Team Championship
World Team Championship is biennial chess International tournaments that take place in Astana, Kazakhstan in March. This tournament will last for 10 days. It will be started on 5 March and end on 14 March 2019. This tournament said tougher than the Olympiad because in this tournament will play all-play-all format games for 10 chess teams. In the open category, you will see China, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia, USA, England, Poland, India, and Kazakhstan will play in this open tournament. In the women category, you will see the USA, China, Egypt, Russia, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, India, Ukraine, and Armenia.

Prague International Chess Festival
Prague International Chess Festival will take place in Prague, Czech Republic. This tournament will be held from March 6 up to March 16. Don’t forget to see the game and see your favorite chess athletes play in this tournament.
Here are the schedules of the International Chess Tournament in March 2019 that you can visit. They are Spring Chess Classic, World Team Championship, and Prague International Chess Festival. All the tournaments will be held in March 2019.

Association Of Chess Professionals

Association Of Chess Professionals

Chess is a game of mind, but it doesn’t stop many players to cheat. Sounds impossible? Not really. In fact, many cases had happened in the past. Some of these cases cannot find a red line, as the investigator has little to none experience or knowledge about chess competition. In this case, who could help?

Who Could Be Members?
Since this is an association of chess professionals, members must be chess grandmaster only. Why still ask? This answer is not entirely wrong. Half of the members are definitely chess masters. The other half, however, are not. Some of them are famous journalist, trainers, official organizers and chess players. All of them work together to give neutral and fair decision, looking for clues from many point of view.

Do they come from one country only? Not really. In fact, they come from different continent. Some of them are Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, and many more.

Association Of Chess ProfessionalssHow To Register?
For those who are interested to be a member, there are several requirements. First, priority goes to people who have chess title such as International Master or Grandmaster. People who don’t have these title might be able to join, as long as they could show that they play important role in chess. Some good examples: chess player, chess trainers, chess organizer, president of chess club, etc.

Second, these applicants have to submit admission form. Only Board Members are allowed to accept or decline the application. Later when they are officially accepted, each member are obliged to pay annual membership fee. Standard members will pay 30 Euro, while premium pays 100.

There is a simple rule to give fair judgment; only fields experts are allowed to make statement. For this reason, association of chess professionals is founded. This organization is not aiming for any profit, but offering hand to bring justice and fair chess play.

The International Chess Tournament in 2019

The International Chess Tournament in 2019

Chess is a great sport to play for training your concentration and focus. There are many chess tournaments in the world that can be used as a place for sharing and gaining more skills in playing chess. Playing chess needs focus and strategy to win the game. If you are looking for information on International Chess Tournaments that will be held in 2019, you are in the right place. Here are the lists of International Chess Tournaments in 2019.

9Th HD Bank International
This chess tournament will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It will be held in 7 up to 13 March 2019. This is a great tournament which followed by top chess athlete in the world, such as Loek van Wely, Mukesh, Antoaneta Stefanova, Wang Hao and Ivan Cheparino.

European Individual Championship
This is an important chess tournament because the players will fight over the place for the World Cup. This prestigious chess tournament will be held on 18 March up to 29 March 2019. It takes place in Skopje Macedonian (FYROM). There are 22 places that must be contested by the players for the later.

US Chess Championship
This is an elite chess championship in the United States. Although the scope is national championships, you can see the top chess USA players competed in this chess competition. This championship will be held in Saint Louis, USA starting from 20 March 2019 up to 1 April 2019. This chess championship is played in 12 player round Robin. The prize for this championship is quite high, at about $194,000.

Shamkir Chess
This chess tournament will be held in Shamkir, Azerbaijan. Shamkir chess is the chess tournament that takes place in Shamkir for recalling the memory of Vugar Gashimov. He is the grandmaster from Shamkir, Azerbaijan that died in 2014. There are 8 nations that will be completed in this chess tournament. They are Norway, China, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, India, Russia, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic. This tournament will be held from 31 March 2019 up to 8 April 2019.

Bangkok Chess Club Open
Bangkok Chess Club Open will be held in Bangkok, Thailand. This event will be held on 6 April up to 14 April 2019. Some top players participate in this competition. You can see Jan Gustafsson played in this event.

GAMMA Reykjavik Open
GAMMA Reykjavik Open is an open chess tournament which takes place in Reykjavik, Iceland. This tournament is 34th edition which takes 9-round format. This tournament is held on 6 April up to 16 April 2019.

Here are the lists of International Chess Tournaments in 2019. They are 9Th HD Bank International, European Individual Championship, US Chess Championship, Shamkir Chess, Bangkok Chess Club Open and GAMMA Reykjavik Open.

Three Phases of Chess Game

Three Phases of Chess Game

What is in your mind when you hear word chess? Complex, difficult and hard may be the most frequent words coming out of your mouth. It isn’t surprised that players avoid playing chess. The key is to understand the phase’s occurred in the chess. Below, we discuss the phases in chess game.

Chess Opening
For your information, there are phases used in chess game, opening, and middle game and end game, and we will discuss it briefly. The best move number is started from the first move until the 15 moves of the game. Keep in mind that the 15 movements happens for both players, you and your opponent.
Some novice players do not regard the opening phases as the important one. Nevertheless this phase has three main goals that players should recognize it. Develop pieces, shelter the King and Control the Center are the main goals in opening phase. Make sure that you prepare this phase carefully and think it carefully. Your winning chances depends on your opening phases.

The Middle Game
This phase happens between opening game and end game and it considers as the most interesting phase. The players attacks the opponents’ fortification by coordinating the pieces. It is hard to define when exactly phase begin, however, some chess master tell that this phase occurs when the king moved from the original position.
In middle game phase, players must defend and protect the king tightly. Save the king and attack are two goals in this phase. Furthermore, your winning chance is bigger when you can eliminate the queen. The sooner you eliminate the queen, the closer the winning is.

The Endgame
This phase happens when you or your opponent’s victory is at hand. Player should run the strategy or plan carefully. Think clearly before moving and release all tension in your head. Obstructing the opponent’s pawn moves and placing all pawns in active position are two ideal goal to reach victory at hand.
There are two different definitions to define this phase. Some players in define that any position without queens consider as the end game, while for chess master the endgame happens when the players have merely one or two pawns besides king on the board.

Understanding three phases above will increase the winning chance playing chess. Make sure that you develop on playing chess using three phases above. Practice it and someday you will be the grand chess master of the world.

Magnus Carlsen: The World Chess Champion

Magnus Carlsen

If you like chess, you might be familiar with the name Magnus Carlsen. Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen is one of the infamous chess players in the world and he has gained a reputable place among the best chess players. Some might think that there’s nothing special about him, but the facts say otherwise.

The Love of Chess Has Grown from His Early Age
Carlsen was born in 1990 and now he is only 29. Compared to other world chess champions, he is considered as one of the youngest. But, his winning records beat other players. It is because he has begun his chess career from a young age. He has been introduced to chess when he was 5 and begins to take parts in the Norwegian Chess Championship when he was 8. His career doesn’t stop there as he begins to join different championships and tournaments.

He Becomes One of the World Top Champions
Earning the grandmaster title in chess is not easy. The player needs to be the world champion and has the criteria to become the grandmaster. Carlsen is also one of the chess players who has earned the grandmaster title. It is because he has won the World Chess Championship several times, in 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2018. During the championship, he successfully dethroned other prominent chess players and maintain his title for four years. He even wins against the previous champion. His career skyrocketed since then and he performs better in each tournament and championship. Now, he earns the world top champion title.

Carlsen’s skills in playing chess make him one of the best chess players in the world. He has won the chess championship several times and he also beats the predecessors. Although he is still 29, his name is engraved among the world top champion.

Playing Chess is not Difficult, Tips for Newbie

Playing Chess is not Difficult

Known as a high-class sport, chess is played by almost in every part of the world and of course, attracts more and more new players. When people watch a chess match, this sports seems difficult to be understood, well it is not that difficult. Here are some tips for newbie before starting to play chess.

• Tell Yourself that You Can Play the Game
As you may be aware, this chess game has been around for such a long time and also known as scholar’s “brain sport” since to play chess requires skill and strategy. However, this game actually can be played by everyone, including you. Just tell yourself that you can play the game. What you have to do is just learn how to play it and keep practicing.

• Learn the Basic
You should learn and also memorize the game first. You need to know how to move the chess pieces and when they should be moved. You should know the names of pieces such as the pawn, rook (castle tower), knight (horse), bishop, queen, and king.

The pawn is the most basic chess piece and you have eight of them. The pawn only can move forward and capture the opponent that is in diagonally-front space. The famous knight is well known for the L move and can jump over other pieces. The bishop only moves diagonally but an unlimited amount of space. The queen can move vertically, horizontally, or diagonally in unlimited space and can capture from any directions. The king can only move to one space in each turn to any direction.

The basic thing in chess is that you cannot lose the king. So you need to protect the king with all pieces you have while attacking and trying to capture your opponent’s king.

See, now you can start to play chess. Remember that practice makes perfect, so don’t be hesitate to practice more and more although you lose. Have a nice chess play!