4 Important Points About Chess

Recently, chess has suddenly become a game favored by Indonesians. The proof is that the sales of this game on the market have increased drastically. Nothing but the euphoria of the chess drama that occurred in Indonesia. Mr. Dadang Subur or better known as the Fan God, took the virtual world by storm by defeating a world-class chess master at Chees.com. This drama reached its peak when Master Dedy Corbuzier also highlighted this phenomenon through a podcast on his YouTube channel. He held a live chess match between Mr. Dadang Subur (Dewa Kipas) vs Grand Master Catur Irene Sukandar. Even though in the end the Fan God was defeated with a score of 3-0, it did not make the Indonesian public curious about this chess game itself. So that you no longer feel curious about this game, here are the facts you need to know about the game of chess.

  1. History of Chess

Chess is believed to have first appeared in the 7th century in northern India, as Chaturanga. This game is also believed to be the ancestor of similar strategy games that emerged in various other countries, such as xiangqi (Chinese chess), shogi (Japanese chess), and janggi (Korean chess). Meanwhile, chess began to enter Europe around the 9th century, where the Umayyad conquest of Hispania occurred. The chess pieces we know today took their form in the late 15th century in Spain and only had rules that had been standardized in the 19th century.

  1. Kinds of Chess Pieces

The game of chess is played by two people who compete with each other and each player has 16 pieces with the composition of one King (King), one Queen (Queen), two Ministers (Bishop), two horses (Knight), two rooks (Rook), eight warrior (pawn). Each of these types has different attack movements.
• King: moves in all directions from front-back, right-left, diagonally-vertically, and black-and-white. But unfortunately the king can only move one step.
• Queen: moves in all directions without any step restrictions, provided there are no other pieces blocking his steps.
• Minister: moves diagonally with free strides, but only in one type of square color, black or white.
• Rook: moves horizontally and vertically at a free pace, as long as nothing gets in the way.
• Horse: moves in the letter L, which means two straight square steps followed by one tile right or left. This piece has the advantage over other pieces, which is that it can jump over the pieces in front of it.
• Pawns: can only move forward and move diagonally if eating opponent’s pawns. The unique thing about this pawn is that when a pawn has reached the area of ​​the opponent’s last tile, it can be exchanged for pieces that have been eaten by the opponent.

  1. Chess as a Thinker Branch

Have you ever wondered why chess can be categorized as a sport? Of course the answer is that this game has met the requirements as a form of strategic thinking sport. Chess games can be categorized as slot online games that require thinking power to understand number patterns and strategies to look for opportunities. Because in chess, athletes are required to be physically and mentally ready to run every match. By relying on the ability to think, this game tests every strategy that is always changing when the opponent’s movements do not match what is expected.

Have you understood the facts about the game of chess? So after this you can apply it in live chess matches and show your greatest strategy.

Association Of Chess Professionals

Association Of Chess Professionals
Chess is a game of mind, but it doesn’t stop many players to cheat. Sounds impossible? Not really. In fact, many cases had happened in the past. Some of these cases cannot find a red line, as the investigator has little to none experience or knowledge about chess competition. In this case, who could help? Who Could Be Members? Since this is an association of chess professionals, members must be chess grandmaster only. Why still ask? This answer is not entirely wrong. Half of the members are definitely chess masters. The other half, however, are not. Some of them are famous journalist, trainers, official organizers and chess players. All of them work together to give neutral and fair decision, looking for clues from many point of view. Do they come from one country only? Not really. In fact, they come from different continent. Some of them are Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, and many more. Association Of Chess ProfessionalssHow To Register? For those who are interested to be a member, there are several requirements. First, priority goes to people who have chess title such as International Master or Grandmaster. People who don’t have these title might be able to join, as long as they could show that they play important role in chess. Some good examples: chess player, chess trainers, chess organizer, president of chess club, etc. Second, these applicants have to submit admission form. Only Board Members are allowed to accept or decline the application. Later when they are officially accepted, each member are obliged to pay annual membership fee. Standard members will pay 30 Euro, while premium pays 100. There is a simple rule to give fair judgment; only fields experts are allowed to make statement. For this reason, association of chess professionals is founded. This organization is not aiming for any profit, but offering hand to bring justice and fair chess play.

The International Chess Tournament in 2019

The International Chess Tournament in 2019

Chess is a great sport to play for training your concentration and focus. There are many chess tournaments in the world that can be used as a place for sharing and gaining more skills in playing chess. Playing chess needs focus and strategy to win the game. If you are looking for information on International Chess Tournaments that will be held in 2019, you are in the right place. Here are the lists of International Chess Tournaments in 2019.

9Th HD Bank International
This chess tournament will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It will be held in 7 up to 13 March 2019. This is a great tournament which followed by top chess athlete in the world, such as Loek van Wely, Mukesh, Antoaneta Stefanova, Wang Hao and Ivan Cheparino.

European Individual Championship
This is an important chess tournament because the players will fight over the place for the World Cup. This prestigious chess tournament will be held on 18 March up to 29 March 2019. It takes place in Skopje Macedonian (FYROM). There are 22 places that must be contested by the players for the later.

US Chess Championship
This is an elite chess championship in the United States. Although the scope is national championships, you can see the top chess USA players competed in this chess competition. This championship will be held in Saint Louis, USA starting from 20 March 2019 up to 1 April 2019. This chess championship is played in 12 player round Robin. The prize for this championship is quite high, at about $194,000.

Shamkir Chess
This chess tournament will be held in Shamkir, Azerbaijan. Shamkir chess is the chess tournament that takes place in Shamkir for recalling the memory of Vugar Gashimov. He is the grandmaster from Shamkir, Azerbaijan that died in 2014. There are 8 nations that will be completed in this chess tournament. They are Norway, China, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, India, Russia, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic. This tournament will be held from 31 March 2019 up to 8 April 2019.

Bangkok Chess Club Open
Bangkok Chess Club Open will be held in Bangkok, Thailand. This event will be held on 6 April up to 14 April 2019. Some top players participate in this competition. You can see Jan Gustafsson played in this event.

GAMMA Reykjavik Open
GAMMA Reykjavik Open is an open chess tournament which takes place in Reykjavik, Iceland. This tournament is 34th edition which takes 9-round format. This tournament is held on 6 April up to 16 April 2019.

Here are the lists of International Chess Tournaments in 2019. They are 9Th HD Bank International, European Individual Championship, US Chess Championship, Shamkir Chess, Bangkok Chess Club Open and GAMMA Reykjavik Open.

Three Phases of Chess Game

Three Phases of Chess Game

What is in your mind when you hear word chess? Complex, difficult and hard may be the most frequent words coming out of your mouth. It isn’t surprised that players avoid playing chess. The key is to understand the phase’s occurred in the chess. Below, we discuss the phases in chess game.

Chess Opening
For your information, there are phases used in chess game, opening, and middle game and end game, and we will discuss it briefly. The best move number is started from the first move until the 15 moves of the game. Keep in mind that the 15 movements happens for both players, you and your opponent.
Some novice players do not regard the opening phases as the important one. Nevertheless this phase has three main goals that players should recognize it. Develop pieces, shelter the King and Control the Center are the main goals in opening phase. Make sure that you prepare this phase carefully and think it carefully. Your winning chances depends on your opening phases.

The Middle Game
This phase happens between opening game and end game and it considers as the most interesting phase. The players attacks the opponents’ fortification by coordinating the pieces. It is hard to define when exactly phase begin, however, some chess master tell that this phase occurs when the king moved from the original position.
In middle game phase, players must defend and protect the king tightly. Save the king and attack are two goals in this phase. Furthermore, your winning chance is bigger when you can eliminate the queen. The sooner you eliminate the queen, the closer the winning is.

The Endgame
This phase happens when you or your opponent’s victory is at hand. Player should run the strategy or plan carefully. Think clearly before moving and release all tension in your head. Obstructing the opponent’s pawn moves and placing all pawns in active position are two ideal goal to reach victory at hand.
There are two different definitions to define this phase. Some players in define that any position without queens consider as the end game, while for chess master the endgame happens when the players have merely one or two pawns besides king on the board.

Understanding three phases above will increase the winning chance playing chess. Make sure that you develop on playing chess using three phases above. Practice it and someday you will be the grand chess master of the world.

Magnus Carlsen: The World Chess Champion

Magnus Carlsen

If you like chess, you might be familiar with the name Magnus Carlsen. Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen is one of the infamous chess players in the world and he has gained a reputable place among the best chess players. Some might think that there’s nothing special about him, but the facts say otherwise.

The Love of Chess Has Grown from His Early Age
Carlsen was born in 1990 and now he is only 29. Compared to other world chess champions, he is considered as one of the youngest. But, his winning records beat other players. It is because he has begun his chess career from a young age. He has been introduced to chess when he was 5 and begins to take parts in the Norwegian Chess Championship when he was 8. His career doesn’t stop there as he begins to join different championships and tournaments.

He Becomes One of the World Top Champions
Earning the grandmaster title in chess is not easy. The player needs to be the world champion and has the criteria to become the grandmaster. Carlsen is also one of the chess players who has earned the grandmaster title. It is because he has won the World Chess Championship several times, in 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2018. During the championship, he successfully dethroned other prominent chess players and maintain his title for four years. He even wins against the previous champion. His career skyrocketed since then and he performs better in each tournament and championship. Now, he earns the world top champion title.

Carlsen’s skills in playing chess make him one of the best chess players in the world. He has won the chess championship several times and he also beats the predecessors. Although he is still 29, his name is engraved among the world top champion.

Playing Chess is not Difficult, Tips for Newbie

Playing Chess is not Difficult

Known as a high-class sport, chess is played by almost in every part of the world and of course, attracts more and more new players. When people watch a chess match, this sports seems difficult to be understood, well it is not that difficult. Here are some tips for newbie before starting to play chess.

• Tell Yourself that You Can Play the Game
As you may be aware, this chess game has been around for such a long time and also known as scholar’s “brain sport” since to play chess requires skill and strategy. However, this game actually can be played by everyone, including you. Just tell yourself that you can play the game. What you have to do is just learn how to play it and keep practicing.

• Learn the Basic
You should learn and also memorize the game first. You need to know how to move the chess pieces and when they should be moved. You should know the names of pieces such as the pawn, rook (castle tower), knight (horse), bishop, queen, and king.

The pawn is the most basic chess piece and you have eight of them. The pawn only can move forward and capture the opponent that is in diagonally-front space. The famous knight is well known for the L move and can jump over other pieces. The bishop only moves diagonally but an unlimited amount of space. The queen can move vertically, horizontally, or diagonally in unlimited space and can capture from any directions. The king can only move to one space in each turn to any direction.

The basic thing in chess is that you cannot lose the king. So you need to protect the king with all pieces you have while attacking and trying to capture your opponent’s king.

See, now you can start to play chess. Remember that practice makes perfect, so don’t be hesitate to practice more and more although you lose. Have a nice chess play!