Why Is Chess Addictive?

Why Is Chess Addictive? – If you don’t play chess, then you won’t be able to relate to the following points. Those who prefer to have visuals and actions will have difficulties to find the fun. Chess is for those who enjoy silent battle, war of logic without any bloodshed. The following reasons might explain why chess newbie could spend days on their board.

– Training Better Logic
Even when you are not chess player, you must have heard that chess has several rules to move the pawn. Black and white boxes have their own pawns. These pawns even have status. Only on certain condition, they are allowed to attack pawns of higher status. Complicated? Yes, but only in the beginning.

As players move their pawns, they need to read opponent’s thought. It is almost as if he or she was going to be trapped. The only way to escape the trap is leading opponents to their lost. For this reason, one movement is so important.

– Pushing Better Strategy
Never compare chess to any games with physical action. First of all, these active movements usually requires similar opening act. In chess, players should work to find different ways to start their attack. If a player has repetitive move, opponents could always prepare trap after several moves. Well, no player wants this.

Second, active games usually train on more strength or speed. In chess, players compete to beat one another. Winning one tournament won’t be enough. Players would want to challenge more opponents, creating and inventing new strategy to be better.

Seeing someone who just start their chess lesson, you might wonder how they could sit the whole day and contemplating too long on next move. Well, charm of chess is only for players. Bystander won’t understand. Chess trains brain to predict opponent next move. Once players win, they won’t stop to find better strategies.

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