Three Phases of Chess Game

Three Phases of Chess Game

What is in your mind when you hear word chess? Complex, difficult and hard may be the most frequent words coming out of your mouth. It isn’t surprised that players avoid playing chess. The key is to understand the phase’s occurred in the chess. Below, we discuss the phases in chess game.

Chess Opening
For your information, there are phases used in chess game, opening, and middle game and end game, and we will discuss it briefly. The best move number is started from the first move until the 15 moves of the game. Keep in mind that the 15 movements happens for both players, you and your opponent.
Some novice players do not regard the opening phases as the important one. Nevertheless this phase has three main goals that players should recognize it. Develop pieces, shelter the King and Control the Center are the main goals in opening phase. Make sure that you prepare this phase carefully and think it carefully. Your winning chances depends on your opening phases.

The Middle Game
This phase happens between opening game and end game and it considers as the most interesting phase. The players attacks the opponents’ fortification by coordinating the pieces. It is hard to define when exactly phase begin, however, some chess master tell that this phase occurs when the king moved from the original position.
In middle game phase, players must defend and protect the king tightly. Save the king and attack are two goals in this phase. Furthermore, your winning chance is bigger when you can eliminate the queen. The sooner you eliminate the queen, the closer the winning is.

The Endgame
This phase happens when you or your opponent’s victory is at hand. Player should run the strategy or plan carefully. Think clearly before moving and release all tension in your head. Obstructing the opponent’s pawn moves and placing all pawns in active position are two ideal goal to reach victory at hand.
There are two different definitions to define this phase. Some players in define that any position without queens consider as the end game, while for chess master the endgame happens when the players have merely one or two pawns besides king on the board.

Understanding three phases above will increase the winning chance playing chess. Make sure that you develop on playing chess using three phases above. Practice it and someday you will be the grand chess master of the world.

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