5 Easy Steps to Mastering Chess

Chess, a strategy game that is currently on the rise. No wonder because recently there has been a horrendous drama in cyberspace. Fights between the Fan God and Ghotamchess at an online game Chess.com. The climax of this incident was when Master Dedy Corbuzier held a friendly match between Dewa Kipas (Dadang Subur) vs GM Irene Sukandar which in the end was won by Irene with a score of 3-0. Apart from the drama, chess is now a trend in society and many people are starting to learn to play this game. Being a beginner in chess certainly requires tips and tricks in playing this strategy game. Here are 5 steps that you should learn as a beginner in chess.

  1. Understanding the Chess Board
    Chess games are played on a board that has a white and black grid. You need to know that before starting to compile chess pieces, the position of the chessboard must be correct, that is, the white square must be at the bottom right of each player. Then the pawns are arranged according to the existing rules, namely the second row is filled with 8 pawns, the rook is placed at the right and left corners of the first row, followed by horses, elephants, and queens which are located in the square according to the color of the pawns, finally the king occupies remaining plots.
  2. Recognize the Movement of Each Chess Piece
    Being a beginner in the game of chess, we need to understand every pawn movement we have. Understanding each piece’s role is key in strategizing this game. Here are the types of pawns and their movements.
    • King: moves in all directions from front-back, right-left, diagonally-vertically, and black-and-white. But unfortunately the king can only move one step.
    • Queen: moves in all directions without any step restrictions, provided there are no other pieces blocking his steps.
    • Minister: moves diagonally with free strides, but only in one type of square color, black or white.
    • Rook: moves horizontally and vertically at a free pace, as long as nothing gets in the way.
    • Horse: moves in the letter L, which means two straight square steps followed by one tile right or left. This piece has the advantage over other pieces, which is that it can jump over the pieces in front of it.
    • Pawns: can only move forward and move diagonally if eating opponent’s pawns. The unique thing about this pawn is that when a pawn has reached the area of ​​the opponent’s last tile, it can be exchanged for pieces that have been eaten by the opponent.
  3. Know which players are entitled to go first
    In chess, the player who has the right to step first is the player holding the white pawn. To determine it, it is usually done by drawing a lot. Players who hold white pawns actually benefit more because they are given the opportunity to attack first.
  4. Understand the Rules for How to Win Chess Games
    The game of chess is said to end when there is a checkmate, draws, surrender, and loses time. The purpose of this game is to checkmate the opponent’s king, if the king cannot get out of check, then the game is considered over.
  5. Understand the Basic Chess Strategy
    Given that chess is a strategy game that requires an intelligent way of thinking, you must also know the basic strategy of this game.
    • Protect the king
    • Don’t hand over chess pieces easily
    • Take control of the center of the board
    • Use all chess pieces

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