Learn the Best Move in Starting Chess Game

Learn the Best Move in Starting Chess Game

Learn the Best Move in Starting Chess Game – The start point of playing chess is really important. Once you start the game with the wrong steps, you will definitely regret your move in the end. So, first thing first, you should know and learn the best move to start the chess game.

• The Basic Ruy Lopez
This opening is rather classic and basic. Introduced in the 16th century, this move is named after its founder, Ruy Lopez. Although this move seems old, this is still an effective opening move.

The move is rather aggressive because it usually uses the knight directly after moving the pawn piece forward (usually the d-pawn). The opponent who will try to block the pawn piece by using pawn too. Then the opponent will be treated by the move of knight then will move his knight too. This is the time for the bishop to move diagonally near the position of opponent’s knight and this will start an exciting game.

• Kings Gambit
This opening move is rather popular in the 1800s. Since the White can move first, the centre pawn will move first to the middle of the board, lead the Black to move its pawn to block it, then another White pawn moves forward and then the game will continue. However, this move is not popular anymore in professional class but still worth to learn as a beginner.

• French Defense
Just as the name, this move is originated from French, but not only that the reason why it is called “French”. In this move, the Black lets the White have more control in the centre of the board. The Black hopes that this way will help to make a safe wall to ensure that the king is safe. However, later the queen bishop is often trapped and cannot move anywhere and it is said just like “French Bishop”.

• Giuoco Piano
The term Giuoco Piano is actually taken from the word Guioco Pianissimo which means the quietest game. Since the White just attacks mildly and the Black just doing the defence, then the game will be very passive. However, this opening also may lead to Evans Gambit which can lead White’s queen bishop to attack the opponent.

You may also try online chess games on the site to add to the online playing experience and play with online chess players. There are more great ways to start a great chess game. Make sure that you learn the way carefully so you can play the game greatly and make no wrong moves that can lead you to a great loss.

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